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Comments on test your comments here


test your comments here


Test all your commenty things here. Some things to try:

  • pinging
  • flagging for author attention
  • threads and tools
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9 comment threads

test thread (3 comments)
testing (12 comments)
Post Feedback (4 comments)
General comments (3 comments)
Post Feedback (5 comments)
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Posting here because discord is a terrible place to keep track of things

I'll try to update this post with any further information

In the interests of keeping this post organized, please do not use the comments here for testing

Current Issues

  • Update Ability help pages (currently thread tools require Curate)

Feature / Change Requests

Please discuss these changes in the linked threads


As of ff1efcd5
As of 97cdf0f1
  • add title text for archived/deleted threads in the summary view under the post
  • Ability to collapse preview of thread
  • Bump threads on new comment (Sort by last comment rather than number of comments)
  • 500 error on, the mod "list all comments" page
  • In ping suggestions, clicking on the ID <span> instead of the name inserts @#undefined
  • Ping suggestions don't close when the current text becomes invalid (too short/space etc)
  • Deleted threads are not listed under the post, even for Curators
  • Using "Disable Comments" > "Purge all comments" prevents un-deletion of the threads deleted.
  • Unable to view comments on your own post that has been deleted. You can see the post and the threads under the post, but you are unable to preview or open the threads.
As of 38f3e13f
  • Change "show N comment threads" to "show all N comment threads" or "show (N-shown) more comment threads". When I clicked on "show 9" I expected to see 9 more things show up. (done)
  • Show X threads does not take into account deleted threads that you can see (fixed)
  • Convert to comments doesn't work for Curators, even though it's on the tools list for them. (fixed)
As of 5edbdca9
  • Starting a thread with an initial comment with less than 15 characters creates the comment thread but doesn't create a comment in that thread, leading to a zero-length thread that says it has one comment for some reason. (fixed)
  • Unable to see own deleted comments. (by-design)
  • Can see threads even without permission to see post. (fixed)
    • Users can read threads of deleted posts. (There is a notice where the reply would be saying "Comments are disabled on deleted posts.")
    • Restrictions on categories/posts do not carry over to threads - all users can see and post in threads regardless on if they can access the post
  • follow/unfollow doesn't work for non-moderators. (fixed)
  • 500 server error when attempting to create a new thread (fixed)
  • Comment > Edit > Discard Edit removes comment from view (fixed)
  • Unable to view comments when not signed in. You can see the post and the threads under the post, but you are unable to preview or open the threads. (should be fixed)
  • If the 'Post Feedback' thread is deleted, new flags from anybody add comments to the deleted thread. In this deleted (example), a thread with two comments was deleted by a mod, and then two users (one mod and one not) used the "needs author attention" flag, adding new comments to the deleted thread where the author is unlikely to see them. (Monica) (fixed)
  • "Convert to comment" tool isn't implemented, apparently (it just deletes the post) (fixed)
  • "Disable Comments" > "Purge all comments" deletes the comments in threads instead of the threads themselves. (fixed)
    • Threads purged via this method do not update their comment count, they show how many comments there were before deletion (fixed)
  • Using the "author attention" flag to leave a comment generates a "mod will look at your flag" message, which is not true (not really a flag). If we keep this flag we should change that messaging. Alternatively, maybe we should remove the flag path and tell people to just leave comments. (We want something like this for close votes, but that's different.) (Monica) (fixed)
  • Deleted threads are not listed under the post, even for moderators (fixed)
Why does this post require moderator attention?
You might want to add some details to your flag.

4 comment threads

Posting a comment adds to the browser history (6 comments)
Show who deleted or archived a thread (1 comment)
Discarding comments (7 comments)
Change "link" to "copy link" (1 comment)
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Discarding comments
UserA‭ wrote over 1 year ago

Small regression: if I start to add a comment to a thread and then change my mind, there's no "discard" option. (Haven't tested with edits.) While the textbox at the end of the thread is always present, the button state changes from gray to blue when you've met the minimum length. If you delete it all, the button stays blue.

Monica‭ wrote over 1 year ago

This is just a stray comment so I can test something with thread bumping.

Monica‭ wrote over 1 year ago · edited over 1 year ago

(Can't create a new thread right now so putting this here.) What do you mean you can't see deleted threads even as a mod? I see this on the question; don't you? @Moshi

Monica‭ wrote over 1 year ago

Discovered while editing the previous comment: @-completion works for new comments but not for edits; I had to type the ping for Moshi‭ by hand and don't know if it pinged.

Mr E Man‭ wrote over 1 year ago

Monica‭ Please take a look at I cannot see the thread on the post it is under. However, I can see the one you linked, so it seems situational - perhaps the bug only appears on answers?

Monica‭ wrote over 1 year ago

There's a deleted thread on your answer now (a deleted "Post Feedback", in addition to the undeleted one). Can you see it Mr E Man‭?

Moshi‭ wrote over 1 year ago

Monica‭ I can't. (button says "Show all 2 comment threads" but show me it when clicked)

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