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test post to test what happens after posting

I need a test post in some non-Q&A category to test what happens after posting, so here are some words. (I just posted in Tag Experiment and it redirected me to Q&A, so I want to know if t...

0 answers  ·  posted 6mo ago by Monica‭

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Todo for filter work

Todo Admin tool to create & edit system filters Done

0 answers  ·  posted 1y ago by Mr E Man‭  ·  last activity 1y ago by Mr E Man‭

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Todo List for the Moderator Improvements Update

Todo Private messages Create a way to access your private messages other than from the notification's inbox for the user being contacted Re-write the "(visible only to you)" label on mod...

1 answer  ·  posted 2y ago by Mr E Man‭  ·  edited 2y ago by luap42‭

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I'd like to have a new community

I would like to have a new community. My old one unfortunately broke, when I let it fall down on the floor last Friday. :( I promise it won't happen again. However I'm now sad without a community...

0 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by luap42‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by luap42‭

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@#undefined when trying to mention someone

Sometimes when I try to ping someone, As I tried @Moshi in the thread. I just got @#undefined. Is it happening for I am creating a new thread where no user had joined. I had tried to mention some m...

0 answers  ·  posted 2y ago by Istiak‭  ·  last activity 2y ago by Istiak‭