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Comments on test your comments here


test your comments here


Test all your commenty things here. Some things to try:

  • pinging
  • flagging for author attention
  • threads and tools
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testing (12 comments)
Post Feedback (4 comments)
General comments (3 comments)
Post Feedback (5 comments)
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Post Feedback
Mr E Man‭ wrote over 1 year ago

This is a comment or something

Monica‭ wrote over 1 year ago

This is a test of Moshi‭ pings. Oh good I'm not getting "undefined" now.

Monica‭ wrote over 1 year ago

How was I able to ping Moshi there, when Moshi is not the post author or a follower or commenter here? Did I ping Moshi?

Moshi‭ wrote over 1 year ago

Monica‭ Yes, I got pinged

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