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Todo List for the Moderator Improvements Update



Private messages

  • Create a way to access your private messages other than from the notification's inbox for the user being contacted

  • Re-write the "(visible only to you)" label on mod-messages, as it is confusing (It actually means that your username is visible only to you, not the message)



  • (Bug) Messages are only accessible to the recipient and the moderator who sent the message, instead of all moderators being included.

    • Notify all moderators, and set them to follow the thread, when a mod-mail is created
  • (Suggestion) Implement similar "individual message" logic to create private mod-comments to author of a post. Useful since it gives extra context to the mail.

  • (Suggestion) Change "Contact Community Team" tool to mod-mail the community team instead of/in addition to creating the flag. Discuss here

  • (Suggestion) Add the ability to create threads/messages attached to a flag

Moderator tools

  • Recent warnings/suspensions/annotations page for easier mod-activity logs.


  • Create a version of mod-mail where the user's id is not hidden, as a tool for moderators to contact each other. Or, always show moderators who wrote a message.
    • Moderators are always able to see the identity, so this is unnecesary.

Resolved (but likely not live yet)

  • Attach all private threads with a user to the mod dashboard for the user, either as part of "list previous" or as a separate entry (mods need to be able to see and access past conversations -- or current ones)
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For "Contact Community Team", let's use a private thread rather than an escalated flag. As with other issues, a mod-to-team escalation might require some back-and-forth, but a flag affords only a single message in each direction (flag and response).

Since we want team contacts to be visible to all mods, this could be a thread attached to a user just like mod-to-user messages (mods can already see those), except obviously the user doesn't get to see these ones. If mods need a user-agnostic way to contact the team (an issue that's not about a particular user but something else), we can always attach it to the System user.

Alternatively, if a thread can be attached to a flag, then the flag could provide visibility to mods while the thread affords discussion. This would allow mods to discuss other flags too (h/t Moshi).

Why does this post require moderator attention?
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