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Q&A testing flags, and needs to be 15 characters

posted 8mo ago by User C‭  ·  last activity 8mo ago by User C‭

#1: Initial revision by user avatar User C‭ · 2021-06-15T03:27:47Z (8 months ago)
I, UserC, used the "needs author attention" flag on this question, which created a thread that it looks like only I and UserA can see.  (To be tested: what happens when someone else uses that kind of flag -- new thread or join the existing one?  TBD.)

But that's not what this answer is about.  Rather, after I flagged, I noticed that my flag count on my profile was still 0, and clicking on the 0 (it's clickable) showed me a blank list.  I thought that was just because UserA hadn't acted on it yet, but UserA has now responded and my flag count is still 0.  We should figure out what to do with these...