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Curate Ability

See certain pending flags, lock and unlock posts temporarily, and vote to delete and undelete posts

Mark Giraffe has not yet earned this ability. (more)

What does this ability allow me to do?

This ability allows you to cast an unlimited number of moderator flags, as well as see certain pending flags on posts. This ability also allows you to temporarily lock and unlock posts, as well as being able to cast delete and undelete votes on posts, and the ability to migrate posts between categories.

Flags are generally used to bring posts to moderator attention. For instance, spam flags should be used for posts that violate our spam policy. This ability allows you to see pending non-moderator flags on posts.

the flag handling dialog you can see with this ability

Posts should be locked when there is a conflict happening on the post, such as an edit war where a resolution can't be quickly reached. An automatic moderator flag is raised when a post is locked, and a post will automatically be unlocked after the time period selected, or can be unlocked by the person who locked it (or a moderator).

Posts should be deleted if they do not meet site guidelines and cannot be salvaged by editing.

If a post was accidentally posted in the wrong site category, this ability will allow you to migrate it to the correct category.

How do I earn this ability?

To earn this ability, you need to have at least a 90% positive reception rate for your posts, with a hard minimum of 16 positively-received posts. You also need at least a 99% helpful rate for flags you have raised, with a hard minimum of 196 helpful flags. (These numbers may vary from site to site.)

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